Whilst walking to school at Future Stars this morning, 6-year-old Violet Eunike was knocked down by a motorcycle. She was taken to a local clinic but quickly transferred to hospital.

Violet Eunike

Violet Eunike joined Future Stars, in the nursery, at the age of 3. She is now in the pre-unit and due to join Class 1 in January.
Violet lives with her mother in Kibera. Her father passed away several years ago due to HIV/AIDS. Her mother is also unwell and frequently unable to work. Consequently, the family struggle to afford even the basics needed to survive. Future Stars supports Violet’s education and provides nutritious meals that give this little girl a chance of success.

A frightening accident

Sadly, the front of a motorcycle is the perfect height to strike the head of a 6-year-old. Whilst walking to school, a motorcycle collided with Violet Eunike and she was knocked down. She was immediately carried to a local clinic for assessment but was quickly transferred to a hospital due to the severity of her injuries.

At the hospital

The hospital performed blood tests and several x-rays of Violet’s head, chest, and abdomen. Thankfully, there was no indication of bleeding around the brain although Violet has sustained a significant head injury. The accident caused severe dental damage including several broken teeth, which were removed under anaesthesia. Violet has lost more blood than anyone would like, and also required plenty of pain relief to ease her discomfort.

The current situation

Violet remains in hospital overnight for observation. This is mainly due to her head injury as she sustained a concussion and there is also still a risk of bleeding within her skull. She needs time to recover from the trauma and from the dental surgery she has undergone today.
We can do nothing but await developments overnight and tomorrow, and hope that Violet makes a full recovery.

We really need your help

Violet’s mother can barely afford the basics to live, so medical costs are well beyond her means. Yet this little girl – a child of Future Stars for 3 years – cannot be allowed to suffer.
With blood tests, x-rays, doctors, a hospital admission, dental surgery and more, we need to raise some funds very quickly.
Whether you can spare £2 or £50, it all makes a difference.
Please help us to make Violet Eunike smile again

Violet’s Medical Bills


Thanks to your kind and generous donations, we achieved our target and were able to fund Violet’s medical treatment.

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