Musa on arrival at Future Stars seeking sanctuary

Musa on arrival at Future Stars

Musa is an 11-year-boy who was orphaned in a road accident whilst still a toddler. Taken in by family in the Kibera slum, he was then subjected to horrific physical and psychological abuse including having his arm broken and receiving no medical care.

Musa eventually found sanctuary at the Future Stars Development and Rescue Centre, Kibera, supported by Chaffinch. Here, he could begin to recover and rebuild a shattered childhood. He has enjoyed learning to play with other children, going to school, and getting a balanced and sufficient diet. With support from a counsellor and social worker, the future looked bright.

However, Musa’s right arm bears a reminder of his past. Due to the lack of medical care following the intentional break, he has developed a deformity where the bones have healed out of alignment: a “gunstock deformity” or cubitus varus.

Treatment plan from St Mary's Mission HospitalChaffinch was able to fund an assessment at St Mary’s Mission Hospital , where a treatment plan was made. However, as a very small charity we simply don’t have the funds for the surgery he needs and we desperately need your help.

We are running a GoFundMe appeal to raise the money needed and we really hope that the world will come together to help this young boy whose life has already provided him with more suffering than anyone should face in a lifetime.

Every single donation received will be treasured. The love and care that goes with those donations will matter just as much as the money and we will pass on every message of support.

Even if you can’t donate yourself, please do share the appeal on your social media accounts and/or by email to your friends and family.  The faster we can get this appeal out into the world, the sooner Musa can benefit.  Phone a friend and tell them that, today, they can make a difference in the world with just a couple of clicks.

This appeal is now closed. Thank you for your support

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