In January 2019, the Kenyan government completely rewrote the curriculum for the lower primary years (Pre-primary 1 through to class 3). This meant a whole new set of textbooks to teach the new curriculum, which includes new subjects in the creative arts. The teachers received very basic training in how to teach this new curriculum in the weeks before term began. They are heavily reliant on good textbooks to plan and deliver their lessons.

The current situation

When the government updated the curriculum, it left Future Stars without any textbooks that cover the new requirements. This affects both pre-primary classes and classes 1, 2 and 3. The teachers are currently struggling to design lessons that match the new curriculum whilst only having outdated textbooks and no sight of the required syllabus. This is proving extremely problematic, particularly with the new creative subjects that have been added. Whilst the teachers are very resourceful, this is a hurdle that it is difficult to overcome.

Do you remember?

Chaffinch’s very first purchase, back in June 2014, was textbooks. We completed the set in July 2014 with a second, more extensive, purchase. Then, we needed to provide books for the whole school as the books they had were outdated, scarce, and in very poor condition. These books have served the school well for almost five years.

How we want to help

The school at Future Stars desperately needs textbooks that cover the new curriculum. This involves obtaining textbooks for every taught subject for five classes, plus the teachers’ books and copies of the syllabus and learning outcomes. Without these, the teachers will struggle to cover the compulsory material and the children will be at a serious disadvantage when it comes time for them to sit the end of year exams.

So what exactly is needed?

The required textbooks range from £3 to £4.50 each.
Teachers’ guides are around £3.50 each.
The syllabus copies will cost approximately £65 in total.
Covers to protect all of the books are around £15.

This means we are looking to raise £550 to fully equip the lower primary school with the required books.

Thank you – we reached our target!


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