Happy Birthday Tashley!

Today is Tashley’s 4th Birthday.
Through Chaffinch, she has a sponsor who ensures that she receives everything she needs to grow and develop.
On her birthday, Tashley has received a card from her sponsor in the UK. It is these ‘little things’ that can make such a difference to the children of Future Stars. It’s the knowledge that there is someone a world away who cares about them, and is thinking of them. It is fantastic for any of the children to receive mail addressed solely to them.

Tashley showing the front of the birthday card from her Chaffinch sponsor
Tashley reading the birthday card sent by her Chaffinch sponsor
Tashley with a big smile after reading her birthday card

Child Sponsorship

There are many children at Future Stars who would love a sponsor like Tashley’s. Could you be that special person who supports a child and ensures their development? Sponsorship costs just over £1 a day and makes a huge difference to the future of one of these vulnerable children.
Why not read some more about our sponsorship programme and the children looking for sponsors…

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