Vincent has a sponsor!

Vincent Austine is one of the residential boys at Future Stars and we have been anxious to find a sponsor for him. For many people, the idea of sponsoring a teenage boy is not as attractive as the cute pictures of 4-year-old arrivals at the centre. However, luckily for Vincent, not everyone feels this way.
Sponsoring an older child has many advantages from the knowledge that you’re likely to be involved until the child leaves the centre to the benefits of fluent English for communication. Whatever drew our new sponsor to Vincent, we are extremely grateful. We love to welcome new supporters to the Chaffinch/Future Stars family.

Vincent and John carrying a huge bucket of donated noodles courtesy of Homeless of Nairobi

Vincent did a great job carrying this food to the centre. It was donated by Homeless of Nairobi.

Vincent’s Story

Vincent came to live at Future Stars when his mother decided to return to the rural village where she was born. Often, people travel to Nairobi in the hope of finding employment. But with a 50% unemployment rate amongst those living in Kibera, it’s rarely achieved. Facing eviction for being unable to pay the rent, the only option is often to leave. Yet many parents, Vincent’s included, feel that the village is no place for their children with little to offer in the way of education or social mobility. The children are then left alone in Kibera in the hope they will find a better life.

Vincent is now able to attend High School alongside another of our resident boys, John. He has just completed Form 2 and should progress to Form 3 in January 2018. With a sponsor and a guarantee of education until he graduates High School, the future is looking much brighter for Vincent.

John and Vincent Austine registered for high school January 2016 - looking smart in their uniform
John and Vincent registering for Form 2 with Mama Aggy
Vincent, Christopher, and John posing with their football

Child Sponsorship

There are many children at Future Stars who would love a sponsor like Vincent’s. Could you be that special person who supports a child, ensures their development, and gives them a real chance to be a Future Star? Sponsorship costs just over £1 a day and makes a huge difference to the future of one of these vulnerable children.
Why not read some more about our sponsorship programme and the children looking for sponsors…

Chaffinch Child Sponsorship pack with drawings and letters from the child and lots of printed photographs
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