The Easter holiday are over and it’s time to get back to school!

The Situation:

When the residential children of Future Stars have graduated from the classes offered at the centre’s school, they move on to other schools within Kibera to continue their education.
There are currently 3 youngsters in this position: Boaz, John, and Vincent Austine.
Boaz has a Chaffinch child sponsor and is currently doing well at a boarding school where he began his high school education in January 2017. (click here for the day Boaz started high school)
John also has a Chaffinch child sponsor. He is now in Form 2 at a local high school.
Vincent Austine does not have a sponsor. He currently attends the same high school as John and the two can often been found together even when school is over. Unfortunately, without a sponsor, Vincent’s future is not as assured as his friend’s.

Vincent Austine eating a doughnut - a rare treat
Vincent Austine and John starting high school in January 2016

What do we need?

We need a sponsor for Vincent.
Vincent will hopefully graduate high school at the end of 2019. However, to allow this to happen, we are desperately seeking that special someone who can ensure Vincent has everything he needs for school, and so we can guarantee the payment of his fees.
A high school education vastly improves future prospects for any child. With an unemployment rate of 50% in Kibera, having ‘the edge’ when it comes to qualifications can make the difference between having a job or struggling to survive. As Vincent draws nearer to his independence, can you help us give him the best start possible? Help us to send him into the world as a fully equipped and prepared young man, giving him the chance to build the life for himself that he deserves?

What next?

Please take a moment to read a little more about Vincent by clicking the button below. Vincent needs someone to care and someone to give him the chance to succeed. Life is tough as a child of Kibera but maybe you hold the power to make it better for Vincent. I can’t begin to tell you what it means to a child when they find out that someone has chosen to be their sponsor. Finding out that someone cares about them – someone who has never met them – that changes lives in a different, and very important, way.

UPDATE: A sponsor has been found for Vincent – 30th November 2017.
There are still many children looking for sponsors like Vincent’s.

Vincent Austine and John cooking at Future Stars
Vincent Austine and John starting high school in January 2016

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