Academic Report Day

February 8th 2018 was report day for John and Vincent – the two oldest boys currently living at Future Stars and now in Form 3 at a local high school.
At 17-years-old, John and Vincent have less than 2 years remaining of their high school education before they will transition to full independence. Their schooling is what will hopefully propel them into a better future, but it is up to the boys whether they will seize the opportunity they have been given.

Vincent and John with Kevin at Report Day

The Report

It’s all good news!
John and Vincent’s teachers reported that the boys are doing very well in school. They are working hard and completing all of their homework. Additionally, they were praised for their discipline.
It is all looking very positive for the boys.


John and Vincent are both fortunate to have found sponsors through the Chaffinch Child Sponsorship Programme. This sponsorship ensures that they have everything they need to achieve their potential.

Meet the teachers

Kevin, the centre coordinator, attended the school to meet with John and Vincent’s teachers.

The boys seemed very anxious to find out how their studies would be reported!

Vincent and John outside classroom

Can I help?

There are many more children looking for sponsors to give them the opportunity to thrive. This is especially true of the older children who will soon be ready to enter high school as John and Vincent did. However, without a sponsor, it will be difficult, or even impossible, for them to attend.
Could you make a difference with the Chaffinch Child Sponsorship Programme?

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