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Medical care is essential to life, yet unaffordable to many in Kibera. From minor ailments to life-threatening disease, Chaffinch is on hand to provide the funds for appropriate treatment. Where a packet of rehydration salts or a course of antibiotics can make a life or death difference, a rapid response is vital.

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Life in Kibera can be dangerous.
With 1 in 5 children not surviving to see their 5th birthday, and outbreaks of deadly infectious diseases an ever-present danger, good medical care is vital. However, many in Kibera can’t afford more than the occasional visit to an untrained ‘doctor’ or maybe a handful of basic painkillers.
HIV, Tuberculosis, Cholera, Dysentery, Typhoid, Meningitis, Intestinal Worms, Maleria, Ringworm, Measles…all common within the slum, and many of them deadly. Add to these the everyday illnesses and injuries of childhood, the infections, the coughs and colds, and the bumps and bruises, and you’ve got a whole catalogue of issues that need attention.
Sometimes a packet of rehydration salts or a course of antibiotics can make the difference between life and death. Something so small and yet the lack of a few shillings can have deadly consequences for a vulnerable child.

Chaffinch is committed to ensuring all children who use the centre have access to basic and emergency healthcare. This can mean anything from a doctor visit for antibiotics or a blood test to check for malaria, to hospital treatment for cholera or an intensive course of physiotherapy. Often, funding for medical treatment is needed urgently and without warning and is something we must remain in a position to provide if we are to avoid suffering or tragedy.

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