Food for Hungry Children


Every day, Chaffinch needs to provide enough food to feed over 70 children. Whilst nobody is expecting fine dining, it is important that these growing children have a nutritious, balanced diet so they have a real chance to achieve their potential.

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Many children in Kibera are at risk of malnutrition and starvation. When the average daily wage in Kibera is just £1, and many families have four or more children, the money just doesn’t go far. It is not uncommon for a child in Kibera to eat just one meal each day. Adults sometimes go without food to ensure their children can eat.
A lack of food (and the lack of money for food) causes problems in many areas of a child’s life.
Inadequate nutrition in early childhood can lead to stunted growth and impaired brain development. Immune systems are weakened, causing vulnerability to disease. Children who have not had enough to eat find it difficult to concentrate in school and generally achieve lower grades. And when a family struggles to find the money for food, it is very unlikely that there is anything left to pay school fees.
In these circumstances, it is extremely difficult for a child to thrive. And, in a community where 1 in 5 children does not live to the age of 5, a lack of food significantly increases a child’s risk of mortality.

Each month, Chaffinch ensures that basic foods such as rice, beans, and flour can be purchased. When funds allow, items such as meat, fish, and eggs can also be supplied.

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