A Christmas Celebration


Christmas for the children of Future Stars is an opportunity to celebrate together, to eat foods that are not available or rarely seen during the rest of the year, and to discover that so many people around the world are thinking of them and wishing them well.
What is childhood without a party? With life in Kibera a constant challenge, it is so important that there is time for indulgence and celebration and fun.

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A child living in Kibera faces many challenges every day. Life can be difficult in the slum and leave little time for pure enjoyment. But there’s one day every year that every child should be able to look forward to – Christmas.
Christmas at Future Stars is a day of games and dancing and music. With all the residential children and the school children coming together to celebrate the day, it can be a very vibrant and exciting event.
The daily diet in Kibera can be repetitive for all that it is nutritious, but Christmas Day allows for a break from the norm and the introduction of foods that are rarely seen outside such a celebration.

Every year, Chaffinch tries to ensure that Christmas is a special time for all of the children at the centre. The provision of foods such as meat, chocolate, soda, fruit, and popcorn is a real delight for the children. Decorating the centre and ensuring music and entertainment are provided makes for an enjoyable experience.

Every child of Future Stars deserves to celebrate another year as a child of the Kibera, and another year of hope for a future away from the hardship of extreme poverty.

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