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Child Sponsorship – A Message from Boaz

Before Boaz returned to school for the final term of 2017 he sent a short message to founder, Mama Sarah. We hope you will enjoy listening to what he has to say (and marvel at his English, which is his 3rd language!)

Kenya Food Crisis 2017 Update – August

The 2017 food crisis in East Africa is not over. After all, with the failure of crops, food will be in short supply until another harvest. And without good rains, even the next harvest may not happen. How is it currently impacting Kenya, and Future Stars in particular? And what can you do to help?

Cholera Infection at Future Stars – Samuel and Laurence

On August 3rd 2017, we received the news we had dreaded – two boys displaying symptoms of cholera. The progress of Samuel and Laurence has been followed by many across our social media channels. Now, the (almost) complete story is here…

Cholera Outbreak in Kibera – What are the facts?

The cholera outbreak in Nairobi and Kibera 2017 is frightening. What are the facts about this deadly disease? And what does the outbreak mean for the children of Future Stars?

After the Fire – New Wiring Installation

Following the fire on Thursday night, work has been done to replace the wiring and other electrical components at Future Stars. Take a look at the work and the impromptu party held for the children.

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