The Problem:

Whilst primary school in Kenya concludes with Class 8, Future Stars has never had the full range of classes. At the end of the 2017 academic year, the most advanced pupils completed Class 6. In order to finish their primary education, they would need to attend another (fee-paying) school within Kibera.

The Solution:

Chaffinch is committed to ensuring that all children accessing the centre are able to attain their Primary Leaving Certificate and, without help, many of the class 6 graduates would simply be unable to afford the fees needed to continue. So what were we to do but add Class 7 to the free school at the centre?

Textbooks for Class 7

Purchasing textbooks for this new Class 7 was the first step. Of course, textbooks were the first ever purchase that Chaffinch made all the way back in 2014.
Textbooks to cover the full range of subjects were obtained.

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Kiswahili
  • C.R.E. (Religious Studies)
  • Science
  • Social Studies (including Geography and History)
  • plus English and Kiswahili dictionaries
Vincent stamping Class 7 Textbooks
English Textbook for Class 7
Swahili Dictionary for Class 7
Assorted Class 7 Textbooks

Marking the Day

All of these new textbooks were missing just one thing – the mark of Future Stars.
Vincent, one of the residential children now attending High School, took on the job of stamping each new book with the official mark of the centre. This will help to prevent any of our lovely new books going astray.
With 5 copies of each book to stamp, the task kept Vincent occupied for a while.

Vincent stamping Class 7 Textbooks

What Class 7 still needs:

  1. A blackboard – this is currently being constructed and painted by a worker in Kibera and will be delivered in time for the start of school on January 4th.
  2. A teacher – so far no teacher has been found for Class 7. Whilst we are unable to provide a salary for teachers at the centre, it can be understandably difficult to find those willing to take the job. A teacher would hope to be paid around £140/month, but we remain a long way from being able to provide this for the teachers of Future Stars.
  3. YOU – each of the children entering our new Class 7 is in need of a sponsor to ensure they are able to remain in school. Without our Child Sponsors, we would be unable to provide this education, or the food every child needs, or the medical care to keep them healthy.

The Children of Class 7 (2018)

Click on the thumbnails for more information about each child.

  • 3 girls, 8 boys.
  • Aged between 11 and 14 years old.
  • 2 are resident at the centre.


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