Amazingly, following the fire on Thursday night, work began to replace the wiring, circuit breaker, and lightbulbs at Future Stars on Sunday morning.
As supporter Dave commented on Facebook, work like this would take months in the UK. Thankfully, in Kibera, there’s no shortage of labour even on a Sunday. And with no red tape and no forms to fill in, work can commence as soon as the labour and parts are available.

By the end of Sunday, Future Stars once again had power. Of course, this electricity is never reliable but having lighting is essential. It’s difficult if the children need to do their homework or eat their supper by candlelight. Also, the external lighting makes it safe for the children to access the toilet block and washing facilities after dark. So this work to replace the electrics was very important.

A labourer installing the new wiring at Future Stars

Thanks to all of our supporters, Chaffinch was able to send the money for new wiring, lightbulbs, a circuit breaker, and a wage for labour. This money, somewhat amazingly, was transferred from the UK to Kenya in less than a minute. Being able to respond so quickly to urgent need is an important part of Chaffinch’s work.

To celebrate the work’s completion, and as a treat for the residential children who were obviously frightened by the fire threatening their home, a party was held at Mama Aggy’s house with some special food and fun accessories. There’s more to repairing the damage than just buying new wiring and we are so grateful to our supporters for ensuring we can support the children’s emotional needs as well as their physical ones.

Laurence enjoying the party at Mama Aggy's house
Melvin and Tashley enjoying their food at the party
Vincent, Geoffrey, and Laurence enjoying the party at Mama Aggy's house

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