The last few days have seen four of Future Stars’ children in need of medical care. With fees needing to be paid for this healthcare, Chaffinch stepped in to ensure the welfare of the children. Hopefully, the final outcome will be good for all four children, but it’s already a huge ‘thank you’ to our supporters for easing their suffering.

Two boys taken ill

On Monday May 20th, 13-year-old Future Stars resident, Kevin Ochoki, was sent home from school as he was feeling unwell. It was decided that house-mother, Lorna, would take him to the clinic to see a doctor.
At the same time, 8-year-old Brighton Onyango was also suffering. He attends the Future Stars primary school and was noticed, by his teacher, to be unwell. Therefore, it was decided that Lorna would also take Brighton to see the doctor.

Kevin Ochoki pictured in April 2019
Brighton Onyango pictured in March 2019

Diagnosis and Treatment

Following blood tests, both Kevin and Brighton were diagnosed with malaria. They were provided with medication to treat the infection and subsequently sent home to rest and recover. They will require plenty of fluids and medication over the coming days.

Diagnosis and treatment of malaria costs approximately £26 per child. As neither Kevin nor Brighton has a sponsor, this money was drawn from our reserves. It is important to obtain treatment for malaria as soon as possible to prevent complications and ensure the best chance of full recovery.

Malaria Facts

  • Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites transmitted by the bites of infected mosquitoes.
  • In 2017, the estimated number of malaria deaths was 435,000.
  • A diagnosis of malaria is made by taking a blood sample and looking for the parasites under a microscope. In some areas, rapid diagnostic tests are available.
  • If not treated within 24 hours, malaria can lead to severe illness with many complications.

Facts courtesy of World Health Organisation

Two further clinic attendances

On Tuesday May 21st, two more of Future Stars’ children found themselves at the clinic. The first was 6-year-old Queen Elizabeth who was feeling unwell during the school day and was found to be vomiting. The second was 8-year-old Chris Musina who had fallen whilst playing and hit his head on rocky ground. He sustained a wound to his temple.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Queen Elizabeth had a blood test but, as it was close to the end of the day, she was sent home and asked to return the following morning for the results. Her diagnosis, like the two boys earlier, was malaria.
Thanks to child sponsorship, we are able to guarantee all reasonable healthcare costs for children like Queen Elizabeth. Rapid diagnosis and treatment mean she has an excellent chance of making a full and speedy recovery. For now, she will return home to rest and we hope to see her back in school very soon.

Once again, diagnosis and treatment for malaria cost approximately £26.

Queen Elizabeth pictured in April 2019

Chris had his head wound cleaned and dressed. He was then assessed to discover if he had sustained any significant head injury from his fall. Thankfully, it would appear that the wound to his temple is the only issue and there are no signs of concussion.
Chris has been asked to return to the clinic on Friday to have his wound checked and hopefully to receive the all-clear in regard to any further consequences of this playtime accident.

Assessment and treatment for Chris cost approximately £12.

Chris prior to attending the clinic
Chris after his clinic visit

Chaffinch’s Impact

In regard to these four children, Chaffinch sent a total of £90.67 to Kenya for diagnosis and treatment. For the parents of these children (and in Kevin’s case, the centre itself) these clinic costs can prove impossible to pay. Imagine having to watch your child suffer for lack of money to take them to the clinic. Outcomes are increasingly uncertain when no healthcare can be obtained so rapid access to the clinic is extremely important.
Huge thanks must go to all of our supporters who make it possible for Chaffinch to respond to urgent requests such as these. It really does make a difference and these children, and their families, are very grateful for the assistance.

Can you help?

Can you help us to ensure we can continue to meet the needs of sick children? We never know when the next call will come in, asking for help to obtain medical care for a child in need. However, we hope to be able to say ‘yes’ whenever that may be. We can’t do it without your help.

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