Constructing a new residential building

(last updated: July 28th 2021)

A safe home in Kibera for children in need

Part of the Future Stars Development Centre project: local people empowered to improve lives in their own community.

A permanent building, sitting within its own secure compound, will provide a much-improved standard of accommodation for children in need of a safe place to live.

Click here to read the proposal for this ambitious but valuable project.

Work completed

Much of the existing building work was completed independently by the Future Stars Development Centre, thanks in the main to two restricted-use donations from generous supporters of the project.  Chaffinch is now working to continue this incredible effort.


  • Foundations.
  • Stone wall enclosing the compound.
  • Ironwork gate to the compound.

Ground and 1st Floors

  • Walls and floors.
  • Ironwork: doors, windows, safety grilles.
  • Rendering/plastering/painting
  • Primary staircase.
  • Electrical wiring and some sockets.
  • Pipework for plumbing.
  • Tiling.
  • Emergency evacuation door (1st floor only)

2nd Floor

  • Walls and floors.
  • Ironwork: doors, windows, safety grilles.
  • Primary staircase.
  • Pipework for plumbing.
  • Emergency evacuation door.

3rd Floor

  • Walls and floors.

Next stages

By breaking down the costs, we can continue to provide you with the same level of transparency and personal involvement that we have always prided ourselves on. If you choose to support this construction project, you will be able to see the difference you are making as each element of the build is completed.

Fire Safety Measures

  • Fire escape staircase to provide an escape route should the primary staircase be inaccessible.

Fourth Floor

  • Laying the slab for the fourth (top) floor.

A bag of cement to make this floor costs approximately £5.  Could you buy a bag today? See your money in action: can you spot ‘your’ bag of cement?!



(based on the exchange rate at time of quotation)

  • Fire escape staircase: £2201.
  • Labour for fire escape staircase: £821.
  • Materials for fourth floor slab: £1932.
  • Transportation of materials for fourth floor slab: £108.
  • Labour for fourth floor slab: £270.
Funded by Chaffinch supporters

With huge thanks to you, the supporters of Chaffinch, we have been able to fund certain elements of the build so far: 

  • Ironwork for the ground floor (windows, doors, and safety grilles);
  • Evacuation doors to provide additional escape routes in case of emergency.

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