The New Arrivals

January 2018 saw the arrival of EIGHT new children at Future Stars:
TWO who have come to live at the centre.
SIX who have joined the free primary school and feeding programme.

Why have they come to Future Stars?

There are a variety of reasons why these children have been accepted at the centre.

  • Of those joining the school, many come from families simply unable to afford fees. Without Future Stars, these children would have little hope of accessing education.
  • Lydia is from a single parent family following her father’s departure. Reduced earning potential means her mother struggles to provide the essentials of everyday life so Lydia will benefit greatly from the feeding programme as well as a reliable education.
  • Florence has come to live at the centre after she was orphaned in December 2017. Efforts are being made to locate surviving relatives who may offer her a home but, until then (or if the search is unsuccessful) Florence will have a home at Future Stars.
  • Elizabeth’s mother found herself unable to sustain life in Kibera and returned to a rural part of Kenya where living costs are lower. Elizabeth chose to remain behind in order to complete her education. She will live at Future Stars until graduating high school or choosing to rejoin her mother.

Each of these children is very vulnerable due to his or her circumstances and they will need all the help they can get to thrive.

Can I Help?

Of course you can!
New arrivals means more mouths to feed so donations, however large or small, are much appreciated to cover the costs of providing a nutritious diet.
If you would like a more personal connection with one of the new arrivals, why not consider sponsorship? You can find out more about the sponsorship programme here.



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