Small Charity Week 2021 draws to a close today. With an annual income of (currently) <£25K, Chaffinch is definitely a small charity, but does that mean we don’t make an impact? Some of the children of Future Stars would like to share their thoughts about what Chaffinch means to them. You can decide for yourself whether a small budget makes only a small difference in young lives…
Brandon waiting to see the doctor at the clinic


“I love Future Stars and Chaffinch because they give me a sense of belonging”.

Junior is a recent arrival at the centre, as a resident. Seeing this young boy from a troubled background feeling at home is truly heartwarming.

Queen Elizabeth

“I love Chaffinch because they pay my school fees; they buy me uniform; they give me birthday gifts”.

That’s a great little list showing some of the ways Chaffinch has been involved in Queen’s life. All of these things would be absent if it wasn’t for Chaffinch supporters.

Brandon waiting to see the doctor at the clinic


“I love Chaffinch because they pay my school fee”.

Nixon is in Grade 1 at the Future Stars school and also, at present, a resident after fire destroyed the family home in the slum. Chaffinch funds everything Nixon needs to make the most of his lessons.


“I love Chaffinch because they make me stay safe at Future Stars”.

Precious lives at Future Stars with the whereabouts of her family unknown. Without the support of the centre, Precious’ safety would be questionable. Who would provide a place for this 7-year-old to sleep?

Brandon waiting to see the doctor at the clinic


“I love Chaffinch because they pay my school fee and buy my school uniform”.

Praxides has just completed primary school and she is looking forward to attending a good high school with Chaffinch support. Chaffinch has assisted Praxides throughout her education.


“I love Chaffinch because they pay my school fee and buy me good things”.

Beyoncé lives at Future Stars and attends school at the centre where Chaffinch ensures she has all the supplies she needs.  She particularly enjoys the little extras Chaffinch can provide.

Brandon waiting to see the doctor at the clinic


“I love Chaffinch because they pay my school fee; they give me a birthday cake; they buy me a school uniform”.

Like Queen, Ela has identified several elements of her life where Chaffinch makes an impact. A birthday cake is a very special treat that goes a long way to letting a child know they are loved. Can you imagine never knowing it’s your birthday?


“I love Chaffinch because they buy me uniform and school fee”.

Yunike has lived at Future Stars for a few years and has definitely grown in confidence. She works hard in school and really appreciates the chance she has to obtain an education in a place where over 40% of girls don’t regularly attend school.

Brandon waiting to see the doctor at the clinic


“I love Chaffinch because they give me clothes, school bag, shoes and uniforms”.

Peris recently found a sponsor through our Child Sponsorship Programme and has since benefited from the provision of additional items of clothing. When you’re used to having one set of clothes to wear and one to wash, receiving a new outfit is very special.


“I love Chaffinch because they take me to hospital when I am sick”.

Surely basic healthcare should be a right and not a privilege? Sadly this isn’t always the case but, for Ibrahim, knowing that he can be cared for when he is unwell provides real comfort.

Brandon waiting to see the doctor at the clinic


“I love Chaffinch because they buy me school uniform and pay my school fee”.

Thanks to Chaffinch Child Sponsorship, Nashon has attended the school at Future Stars since playgroup. He is now in Grade 1 and enjoys walking to school each day looking smart in his uniform.


“I love Chaffinch because she helps me with food and clothes and she pays for me school fees”.

Musa, aka Laurence, lives at Future Stars.  He loves to receive new clothes when donations arrive from Chaffinch in the UK, or when he can visit the market for a new pair of shoes.

Brandon waiting to see the doctor at the clinic


“I love Chaffinch because they keep me in school”.

For many of Kibera’s children, completing their education is unlikely. For girls the danger is even higher. Lydia is currently part of the Future Stars pre-school and we have every hope that, with Chaffinch support, she will go on to great things.


“I love Chaffinch because they give me birthday gifts and cake”.

Now here’s an 8-year-old who has her priorities straight: presents and cake! Sometimes it’s the treats that really matter because they make a child feel special. That gorgeous smile says it all.

So, what do you think?
Does a small budget mean a small impact?
For each of these children, and for all the Future Stars kids, Chaffinch’s presence matters. Your support matters. It doesn’t always take a big budget. Sometimes it just takes a big heart.

Sponsor a Future Star

Sponsoring a child is a great way to ensure they have everything they need to thrive. It’s not primarily about giving handouts, but about providing the opportunities a child deserves.  It is their own hard work and determination that turns those opportunities into successes.

Sponsoring a child with Chaffinch requires a donation of £30/month.

Support our work

There are so many areas of our work that need support from the feeding programme to the purchase of textbooks and from providing beds for children in need of sanctuary to providing menstrual hygiene products to keep children in school. Every penny makes a massive difference.

Chaffinch is run 100% by volunteers so you can be sure that the impact of your donation is seen directly in Kenya. 

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