On September 14th, 2020, 10-year-old Geoffrey was knocked down by a car as he walked along the road.  The driver failed to stop, leaving Geoffrey unconscious. The staff of Future Stars quickly transported him to the hospital and, by the end of the day, an appeal had been launched and Chaffinch supporters were coming forward to help with the costs of his medical care.  It’s been a long journey to recovery for young Geoffrey but now, over 5 months later we can bring you the full story…

September 14th

Following the accident (read more here), Geoffrey was immediately transported to St. Mary’s Mission Hospital.
After x-rays and a CT scan, we learned that Geoffrey had thankfully avoided any major injury despite being knocked unconscious. However, the accident caused severe dental damage and Geoffrey also needed to remain in hospital overnight for observation due to his head injury, particularly as he remained confused.  

By this point, Chaffinch had sent urgent funding to cover Geoffrey’s tests and hospital treatment and launched an appeal to our supporters for help covering these costs. The response was rapid and heartwarming.

Whilst in hospital, Geoffrey received plenty of pain medication and intravenous fluids.  A member of staff from Future Stars remained with Geoffrey on the children’s ward overnight.

Geoffrey sitting up on the bed as he prepares to be admitted to hospital

September 15th

After a night in hospital, the doctor was satisfied that there was no significant concussion and that Geoffrey was safe to be discharged.

The dentist also visited Geoffrey to examine the extent of the dental damage.  Sadly, the x-ray machine at the hospital was broken so it was necessary to refer Geoffrey to another location to obtain dental x-rays.  A plan was made to return to the dentist at St Mary’s the following day after visiting another centre for x-rays.

With Geoffrey unable to eat due to the extensive dental damage, our appeal continued with the aim of providing him with nutrition drinks and soft foods like broth and porridge.

You can read a little more about those plans here. 

Dental Care

Following x-rays, Geoffrey returned to the dentist at St Mary’s where a treatment plan was formulated.  
This was to involve:

  • Splinting of three teeth
  • A root canal
  • A filling

The initial work took place over three appointments and was deemed generally successful.  However, Geoffrey was forbidden from using his splinted teeth for several weeks and was therefore forced to continue with his semi-liquid diet, of which he quickly became frustrated.

With payment needing to be made for every appointment, and transport costs incurred each time, Chaffinch supporters really made a difference in ensuring that Geoffrey’s treatment could progress without delay.

An extended recovery

Three further appointments with the dentist were necessary to monitor the progress of Geoffrey’s healing.  His teeth slowly became more stable and he was able to return to a normal diet.

On December 21st, the dentist was happy to allow the healing to continue unmonitored until February 2021 when further x-rays would be taken to discover if the treatment had been ultimately successful.

The final verdict

The final x-rays were obtained on February 18th, 2021.  Thankfully, the dentist’s verdict was that Geoffrey’s teeth are now stable and healthy.

The extras

When Geoffrey was knocked down by the car, his clothing was damaged.  Chaffinch were able to provide funding for a special visit to the market where Geoffrey chose some new clothes and shoes.

Geoffrey has bounced back from his ordeal incredibly well.  The resilience he has shown throughout is inspiring.

The appeal

The response to our appeal was amazing. It has been so touching to see how many people felt able to donate.

All involved are very grateful for the generosity of strangers. This is one of the joys of Chaffinch – showing that people care, even from thousands of miles away.

No child should have to suffer, when medical care can ease the pain, just because they were born into poverty.

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