“What can I do to help?”
Amongst our recent supporters are:
  • A team from Arcadia Group – who ran the York RunForAll 10K.
  • York Methodists – who collect plenty of ‘rubbish’ for recycling.
  • Stockton-on-Forest Primary School – who have donated over 1000 books from their school library and made bookmarks for the children of Future Stars.
  • Gladys – who made a beautiful blanket for one of the Future Stars resident girls.
  • Visioncare Optometry, Acomb – who host a recycling collection bin.
  • Andrew – who sent letters and gifts to several of the Future Stars children.

…and so many more.

Whether you have a big budget or none at all, you can make a difference.

“I’m having a cake stall at work – chocolate frosting or sprinkles?”

Child looking up at the camera asking for help

Recycle for us!

Click here to learn more about how you can help Kibera kids and the planet at the same time.

There are several public collection points currently open in York:

  • Visioncare Optometry, YO24 4LZ (currently bread packaging only please);
  • Foxwood Community Centre, YO24 3HY;
  • 36 Calf Close, Haxby, YO32 3NS;
  • 5 Ryemoor Road, Haxby, YO32 2GX;

“I’m selling some unwanted items on ebay and donating a percentage to Chaffinch!”

“I sponsor a child through Chaffinch for less than £1 a day.”

Graphic: We want your plastic (bread bags and can rings)

Donate the difference:

Have a jar at home to put your money or IOU in so you don’t forget.  Here’s a few suggestions to get you started!

“I have a jar on my desk for loose change – I’ll donate it when it’s full.”

Shop the Chaffinch way:


And a REALLY useful way to help?

  • TALK about us to your family, friends, and colleagues.
  • HAND OUT our leaflets and flyers – contact us for a supply.
  • LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT ON our Facebook posts.


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