for your desire to support Chaffinch’s work

“What can I do to help?”
Whether you have money to spare or not, you can make a difference.
We’ve come up with some ideas for every budget, starting with zero!
Amongst our recent supporters are:
    • Carole & Ashley – who sponsored Christmas Dinner.
    • York Methodists – who’ve collected over £30 of ‘rubbish’ for recycling.
    • ‘Right to be You’ – who make birthday cards for every child at Future Stars.

…and so many more.
Child looking up at the camera asking for help

Little or No Cost:

  • Keep a penny jar at home/on your desk for small change (and keep looking down as you walk along the street!)
  • Do a sponsored run.
  • Hand out flyers to friends and relatives – contact us to get a supply
  • Talk about us to your family, friends, and colleagues
  • Do a sponsored challenge eg. slimming, no alcohol, fasting, silence etc.
  • Sell your unwanted items on eBay and donate a portion to Chaffinch (click for our charity page)
  • Try easyfundraising to earn donations for Chaffinch every time you shop online.
  • Have a cake stall at your workplace.
  • Collect your rubbish.  Click here to sign up with Terracycle, to whom you can send your rubbish for free.  Or you can send it to the Chaffinch office.

Click on the image to enlarge, and see what rubbish you can exchange for cash with Terracycle

Give up something and donate the money you save:

(have a jar at home to put your money or IOU in so you don’t forget)

  • Have one less drink when you go out.
  • Resist the popcorn at the cinema.
  • Take your coffee in a flask.
  • Walk instead of using the car or bus.
  • Go without wine for a week.
  • Choose a cheaper item from the menu.
  • Eat like a Kiberan child for a day.

The Bigger Things:

  • Visit the Chaffinch Shop and purchase gifts for family and friends (or a treat for yourself).
  • Check out our eBay account for bargains, or our Etsy store for handmade pieces.
  • Pledge to buy a sack of rice, a packet of porridge, or a bottle of cooking oil (contact us for current prices).
  • Sponsor one of the children for £35 per month.  Provide security for a vulnerable child and get lots of benefits for yourself.
  • Go to Kibera and play with the children!  You will be made most welcome.  (Obviously don’t just turn up, but if you’re in the area then we can certainly organise a visit for you)
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