At the end of October, the Ministry of Education requested that all Grade 4 pupils, who had returned to school in September, sit standard assessment exams. Using the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) portal, Future Stars school was able to download the appropriate exam papers and marking schemes. It was hoped that the exams would allow individual schools and the Ministry of Education to understand the impact of the extended school closures on these children’s progress.

Examinations administered

The children were tested in five subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Kiswahili
  • Science & Technology
  • Environmental Studies

The children sat these exams over a period of four days, with each exam lasting around 90 minutes, plus 10-minute oral exams (reading aloud) in both English and Kiswahili.

Exam results

The exams were marked by the Future Stars staff. Science, Technology and Environmental Studies were then grouped together and results for each subject calculated as percentages. The results are as shown below:

All of the children’s exam papers were then scanned and uploaded to the Ministry of Education’s KNEC portal. This is the method by which official monitoring of the exams occurs, in order to best ensure that marking is consistent across the country.

What do the exam results mean? 

The children of Grade 4 have missed over 5 months of their education due to COVID19-related school closure.  They received a small amount of tuition in this time but have lost much of the school year. 

Despite the long break from lessons, these exam results are really positive and show that the children remain committed to their studies.  They have been working very hard since school reopened for them in September.

These results are really promising and we are hoping the children’s commitment to academic progress will continue in the coming months.

(Shadrack missed the English exam, hence his score of zero).

Grade 4 children needing sponsors

We have several children in Grade 4 who are in need of sponsors to support their education and general development.
Sponsorship can ensure a child is able to stay in school, which is the #1 proven way to escape extreme poverty and improve life chances. With provision of healthcare, a nutritious diet, and the necessary school supplies, there is no reason why these children cannot flourish. But they do need YOUR help!



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