Tonight, fire has broken out at Future Stars.

The origin of the fire is the electrical wiring used to power lighting at the centre. Unfortunately, much of the electricity in Kibera is gained by tapping the overhead lines into Nairobi or from areas of the slum that have seen the arrival of legal electricity. When you see bare wires twisted together to form major junctions providing electricity to hundreds of homes and businesses, it’s not difficult to imagine the danger.

Tonight, some of the electrical wiring in the school building caught fire. The fire quickly spread along the wires and burnt out all of the school’s electrics.

Of course, the first thought is for the children attending the centre and those living there. Thankfully, it has been confirmed that everyone is safe. Fortunately, the fire was contained before it could spread to the structure of the building. It was those living nearby who ensured the containment by joining together to fetch water from the nearby river and douse the flames.

Sadly, this has left the school with no electricity. The residential children will be forced to do their homework, to eat, and to wash by candlelight until the wiring can be replaced.

We can certainly count our blessings that nobody was injured and also that the fire did not spread to the food store where it could have destroyed the valuable foodstuffs that are currently in such short supply.

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