• At 2:00 am yesterday morning, Florence reported feeling very unwell.
  • Staff at the centre woke a nearby shop owner and procured some pain relief for the 10-year-old, and she was able to get a little more sleep.
  • Come morning, it was apparent that Florence was very unwell.
  • Whilst the other children began their first classes of the day, Florence rested in the bedroom and Chaffinch was contacted with a plea for help to take her to the doctor.
Florence eating her Easter dinner and looking very happy

Enjoying a Meal: Easter 2018

Florence goes to the doctor

With an assurance from Chaffinch that funds for a consultation with a doctor could be provided, centre staff took Florence to be assessed. With so many diseases endemic in Kibera, it is an anxious time waiting to discover what the problem may be.

A diagnosis and a plan

Following various tests, including a chest X-ray, a diagnosis was given: Florence is suffering from malaria and also pneumonia.
Florence was provided with some medication. The doctor predicts that treatment will need to continue for 5 days and consequently he will attend to her at Future Stars each day. Florence has been able to return to the centre to rest and recuperate.

Florence’s Story

Florence came to live at the centre in January 2018 after she was tragically orphaned just days before Christmas. Efforts are being made to locate surviving relatives who may offer her a home but, until then (or if the search is unsuccessful) Florence will have a home at Future Stars.
Florence immediately joined the free school at Future Stars where she is now in Class 5 and studying hard.

The price of medical care

Health is valuable…and it can also be expensive.
The expected cost of Florence’s treatment is 8500 KES. Today, this is £63 or 88 USD. This may or may not sound to you like a relatively small amount of money. However, £63 could pay for over 300 hot meals at the centre. Or it could put a child through 6 months of high school.
Without Chaffinch support, it would be impossible to meet this expense. For Chaffinch, providing the funds for this treatment means less money in the bank for next month’s essentials.

Medical Bill for Florence (8500 shillings)

The importance of speed

The doctor was clear: it is only thanks to early intervention that Florence is likely to make a speedy and full recovery.
Within minutes of Chaffinch being contacted and having authorised funds, Florence was on the way to the doctor.
Once the quote for treatment was given, Chaffinch was able to get the money to the doctor within 5 minutes, allowing him to begin treatment without delay.

How can I help?

There are some fantastic ways to get involved and help Chaffinch to continue providing for Florence and the other children of Future Stars.

  1. You can make a donation, large or small, towards the cost of Florence’s medical bill.
  2. Consider ongoing support for Florence through the Chaffinch Child Sponsorship Programme. This doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment and it gives you a very special connection to a child who would love to know that she’s important.
  3. Check out our page of ‘Ways to Help’ for lots more ideas, some of which don’t cost you a thing!

UPDATE: May 11th

Florence is doing well and has managed to have something to eat. She slept much better and is more comfortable thanks to the treatment she has received so far. The doctor is pleased with her progress.
We are hopeful that she will continue to improve and she hopes to return to the classroom, for at least a portion of the day, on Monday.

Florence doing chores: sweeping the washroom in January 2018

Sharing the chores:
Time to sweep the washroom

Enjoying the sun with friends in January 2018

Enjoying the sun with friends
January 2018

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