We’re kicking off today by looking at some construction projects.
Until 2016, Chaffinch hadn’t completed any significant structural projects. However, with the help of our fantastic supporters, we found we had grown to a point where this was possible. So, we embarked on two major projects:

  • To build a new toilet block
  • To rent more space for the school and construct 3 classrooms for the youngest children

The toilet block was completed thanks to everyone who contributed to a Crowdfunder. We used local labour to benefit those within Kibera skilled at such work. The completed toilet block includes 5 individual drop toilets and makes a huge difference to the comfort and safety of everyone at Future Stars. You can read the Crowdfunder proposal here, and then follow the work as it progressed.

The classrooms were completed in time for the start of the 2017 academic year. The three rooms are now occupied by the nursery, baby class, and pre-unit. The dividers are moveable, giving the centre a large hall for functions, meetings, and for the residential children to gather and play in the evenings and at weekends.
Find details of the construction work here, and the furnishing of the rooms here.

This short video gives a brief summary of these two important projects:

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