Naomi’s Story

Meet Naomi. She is 12-years-old and for the past two months has been working as a house girl.

Sadly, Naomi’s father passed away in 2013 followed by her mother early in 2017. Left an orphan, Naomi was taken in by her uncle. Initially it looked like a positive outcome. However, it soon became apparent that she was not being cared for as a child should be.

Naomi was sent to Nairobi to work. The arrangement was that she would be employed as a live-in house girl, working for her bed and board. The remainder of her wages would be sent to her uncle.

A house girl is essentially a live-in maid, responsible for the cooking, cleaning, and other domestic tasks. It is not a particularly well paid position and conditions depend upon the individual household by which the house girl is employed.

Rescuing Naomi

Of course, at 12-years-old, Naomi should never have been working. Yet she was in a difficult position having no money of her own and knowing nobody in Nairobi. The future looked bleak.

Thankfully, Future Stars was able to intervene and remove Naomi from her situation. She will now live at the centre and attend school, starting in class 6. With the chance to be a child again, the future is already looking brighter for Naomi. It will take time for her to settle into her new environment and come to terms with everything that has happened to her. From losing her mother earlier in 2017, being forced out of school and exploited by her uncle to arriving at Future Stars and meeting so many new people, Naomi certainly has a lot to deal with. Hopefully, the love and kindness of everyone at the centre will help her to heal.

Of course, Naomi will need a sponsor if she is to thrive. She has very little to call her own and will require everything from clothing to schoolbooks.
Could you be the special person who can ensure Naomi thrives and can leave this difficult period of her life behind her? If she can complete her education, the future will be brighter for Naomi, but it is going to take a lot of care for her to overcome the difficulties she has faced and grow into a strong and independent young woman.
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