Elizabeth came to live at Future Stars in January 2018.
She enjoyed primary school whilst living with her mother in Kibera, who worked very hard to provide for Elizabeth and ensure she had enough to eat as well as that important access to education. However, with work scarce and the average wage being just £1/day, life in Kibera became unsustainable and Elizabeth’s mother was forced to return to a rural area of Kenya where living costs are lower than they are in the slums of Nairobi.

Maintaining education

Living at Future Stars will enable Elizabeth to complete primary school and, if she desires, to enter high school although the option will be open should she wish to rejoin her mother once she has finished primary school. At present, she expresses a desire to continue her education as it will give her a much better chance of finding employment that will lift her out of extreme poverty.

However, with no class 8 at Future Stars, Elizabeth needed to secure entry to a fee-paying primary school elsewhere in Kibera. With the school year already in progress it was a challenge to find a place in a good school. Whilst awaiting an opportunity, Elizabeth studied alone at Future Stars.

Elizabeth in her new school uniform
Elizabeth Atieno

A place in school

Thankfully, in the second week of February, Elizabeth was granted a place at St Catherine’s primary school where she finally joined her peers in class 8.
Doesn’t she look great in her brand new school uniform?

Elizabeth in her new school uniform

It shouldn’t be this way

Elizabeth should never have had to choose between education and her mother. In Kenya a free basic education is the constitutional right of every child. Sadly, many children are unable to access the education open to them. In Elizabeth’s case, poverty drove her mother out of Nairobi and back to a rural part of Kenya. Here, access to primary education, and particularly to a good quality primary education, is often impossible.
Situations like Elizabeth’s are tragic. One day Kenya will hopefully be able to educate its entire new generation. Until then, places like Future Stars will help to ensure that children like Elizabeth are not denied the chance to learn.

Child Sponsorship

Elizabeth is looking for a sponsor to support her continued education as well as the other essentials for life, eg. food, medical care, and clothing. Sponsorship costs just over £1 a day and makes a huge difference to the future of a vulnerable child.
With support, each of the children at Future Stars can be a ‘future star’. They just need help to access the opportunities that will enable them to thrive.
Why not read some more about our sponsorship programme and the children, including Elizabeth, who looking for sponsors?

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