Our Quarter 1 statement has arrived

Drum roll please…..
By doing nothing more than making your usual online purchases, you have raised £35.15 for Chaffinch, plus another £8.79 in Gift Aid through easyfundraising.org

That can provide an awful lot of hot meals and feed a lot of hungry children – and it’s not cost any of our supporters a single penny!

It’s all these children with a hot meal to eat!

Please head on over to the easyfundraising website and sign up as a supporter of Chaffinch if you haven’t already done so.
You can then start earning free money for us just by doing your regular online shopping on over 3000 mainstream shopping sites including the big names shown here.
It doesn’t cost you a penny but it really does make a difference!

Alternatively, check out our dedicated easyfundraising information page to find out more about the initiative and how it works.

Thanks to all our easyfundraisers


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