Easter 2017 was made that little bit more enjoyable thanks to Chaffinch (and obviously that’s down to the supporters of Chaffinch).

We were able to provide some extra ‘treats’ for the residential children who were spending Easter Sunday at the centre.  These treats were of the edible kind – sweets and popcorn.
It’s not often that the children of Kibera get to enjoy ‘non-essential’ food, so the chance to eat these sweet treats was much appreciated.

Geoffrey with a bowl of popcorn
Melvin and Tashley enjoying Easter treats

Thankfully, the rains have finally arrived to bring an end to the long drought. However, Easter Sunday dawned dry and bright and stayed that way for most of the day. The children were able to enjoy time spent playing outdoors before returning to the centre to watch a DVD of the Easter Story in the evening.

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