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It’s midnight. A child is crying, unable to sleep. He hasn’t eaten today and the hunger pains keep him awake. His mother’s heart breaks at the sound, knowing there’s little money for food tomorrow either.
Friday night: 9pm. A young man makes his way home from a bar. He has a few shillings left in his pocket and decides to spend them on a girl, who sits huddled by the side of the road. The ‘prostitute’ is 8-years-old and gives her body for the price of a meal.
Heshima kicks a ball across a small patch of dirt. Her brother has gone to school today but there’s no money for Heshima’s education. She will be married as a young teenager and have a child before she reaches adulthood.

You can help us to change the lives of children like these

Your morning Starbucks could feed a hot meal to a dozen children.
And a Mars Bar? We can turn that into a month’s supply of soap!
Even ‘small’ amounts go a long way.
What else can my money buy?

Food for Hungry Children

With your help, we can provide balanced meals for children who would otherwise go hungry.

Care and Safety

With your help, we can provide a safe and loving home for orphans, abandoned children, and those at risk of abuse or neglect.

An Education for All

With your help, we can provide a free education to vulnerable children, giving them a real chance for a better future.

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Text CHAFFINCH 3 to 70085

Texts cost £3 plus one standard rate message.

Replace the ‘3’ with any number from 1 to 20 to donate between £1 and £20.

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