Health Concerns for Praxides

This morning, it was noticed that Praxides, one of the resident children at Future Stars, had a left eye that was decidedly red. She admitted that it was quite sore and it certainly had the look of an infection like conjunctivitis.
Bacterial Conjunctivitis is very common in Kibera. The environment can be very dusty and dirty, with the dust often ‘contaminated’ with waste from the open sewers. This dust can easily enter the eyes, especially when hand washing facilities are limited and a child rubs their eyes with a dirty hand. Whilst usually not serious, it can be painful and is best assessed by a doctor to confirm diagnosis and ensure no complications arise.

A visit to the doctor

Thankfully, Chaffinch was able to immediately arrange for Praxides to visit the doctor. In fact, the necessary funds arrived in Kenya from the UK less than 10 minutes after we were notified of the situation by the staff of Future Stars.
A diagnosis of conjunctivitis was made and Praxides has been provided with some antibiotic treatment. She will visit the doctor again on Friday, and hopefully for the final time next Monday so her recovery can be monitored and any complications quickly treated.
The opinion of the doctor is that the infection was a result of dust and contaminated water.

It is for unexpected emergencies like this that Chaffinch maintains funds to respond promptly. Whilst donations made to urgent appeals are incredibly helpful, it is largely thanks to our regular donors and child sponsors that we can do our utmost to guarantee assistance as soon as we become aware of a situation requiring rapid action.

We can now hope for a full and speedy recovery for Praxides.

Praxides with the antibiotic medication for her conjunctivitis
Praxides in happy days gesturing at the camera

Child Sponsorship

Having a sponsor has already made a very real difference to Praxides, and will continue to do so until the day she leaves Future Stars.
Maybe you are interested in being a child sponsor too. Could you be that special person who supports a child and ensures their health, welfare, and development? Sponsorship costs just over £1 a day and makes a huge difference to a vulnerable child.
Why not read some more about our sponsorship programme and the children looking for sponsors…

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