Current Major Appeals

Constructing a new residential building

A permanent building, sitting within its own secure compound, will provide a much-improved standard of accommodation for children in need of a safe place to live.

The building will increase the level of safety for children in the care of Future Stars, Kibera, as well as increasing capacity and providing additional facilities such as quiet study spaces, showers, and plumbed toilets.

Explore this appeal further to watch the progress of this ambitious project and find out how you can get involved in the, quite literal, building of a better, secure future for some of Kibera’s most vulnerable youngsters.

Surgery for 11-year-old abuse survivor

Musa is an 11-year-boy who was orphaned in a road accident whilst still a toddler. Taken in by family in the Kibera slum, he was then subjected to horrific physical and psychological abuse including having his arm broken and receiving no medical care.

Musa is now in need of surgery to correct deformity caused by the mis-alignment of bones in his arm due to it not having been set after a break.

We need to help this young boy. His life has already provided him with more challenges than anyone should face in a lifetime. Surely we should do what we can to ease any further suffering?

The fundraiser for this particular appeal is being run through GoFundMe.  Updates will be posted there and also here on our website.

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