Happy Christmas 2020! The children of Future Stars, Kibera, have had a wonderful day of celebration despite the challenges of a pandemic year. For these children, being able to celebrate Christmas in such a special way provides a valuable break from the stresses of life in Kibera and will give them some treasured memories.

Christmas Carols

On Christmas Eve, some of the resident children of Future Stars came together to sing some carols as a greeting to Chaffinch supporters.
Here, they entertain you with “Joy to the World” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.

Christmas Day celebrations

Plans were made for around 50 children to attend the centre for the party on Christmas Day. This number was much smaller than the usual plans due to concerns over the potential spread of covid19.

The best laid plans…
What actually happened was that children continued to arrive throughout the morning. So many parents in Kibera were unable to provide anything at all to celebrate Christmas and were therefore hopeful that a treat could be provided for them at Future Stars.
It was decided that, rather than turn away children who had nowhere else to celebrate and likely no food at all waiting at home, attempts would be made to provide for as many as possible. Increased hygiene was essential using common-sense methods such as frequent hand-washing and reminders about general infection control measures.

Dressed to impress

The children generally own a beautiful outfit for the most special of occasions. As they arrived at the centre to join the celebrations, they were delighted to show off their best clothes. For parents, sending their children looking so smart is a matter of pride. Don’t they look great?

Time for breakfast

Christmas breakfast meant making a huge sufuria (pot) of milky chai. More than 80 cups of tea!
Many loaves of bread were spread with margarine and served with hard-boiled eggs.

Join the party

With music from both a ‘DJ’ and a guitarist (both friends of the centre), there was plenty of time for dancing.
With some catchy rhythms and simple moves, this video is sure to get your toes tapping and put a smile on your face! The children certainly had a great time.

A wonderful Christmas Dinner

With the plan being for 50 children, the staff worked miracles to ensure that over 100 could eventually be fed.
The menu included chicken, beef, rice, chapati, and a range of vegetables.
This is the most exciting meal of the year for these children and it’s wonderful to see them enjoying the treat.


The day was a huge success, despite the last-minute changes needed when the numbers increased.
This past year has caused even more difficulties for the people of Kibera than they usually face and has driven many beyond the limits of coping. Christmas Day celebrated at Future Stars has provided a welcome treat.
Chaffinch has always tried to ensure that Christmas can be a time when the children can step away from the daily trials of life in Kibera and just enjoy being children. Even amidst the extra concerns of an ongoing pandemic, it is clear that celebrating the day has been extremely positive for the lives of these youngsters.
Huge thanks must go to Chaffinch supporters who made this happen.



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