Returning to School

Boaz, one of Future Stars’ very first residents, is returning to boarding school to complete his final term in Form 1.
He has been working very hard and has also made lots of new friends. His grades have been climbing as he settles in the new environment of Langata High School – his first time living away from Future Stars since he found sanctuary there when newly orphaned.
Boaz hopes to work even harder this term and increase further his position in class. He is a very intelligent and diligent young man and has a very real hope for an exciting future once he graduates from high school in another three years’ time.

Boaz's school report from Langata High School, for Form 1 Term 2
Boaz with his homework during mid-term break

A real Future Star

Boaz is turning into a real success story for the ethos and methods of Future Stars. He has had a sponsor through the Chaffinch Child Sponsorship Programme since the early days of Chaffinch involvement at the centre. You can read more about Boaz’ story and how sponsorship has made such a huge difference in his life.

Boaz standing outside Future Stars, enjoying his break from school

Boaz’ Message

Just before returning to school for his final term of 2017, Boaz sent a message to founder Sarah. Of course, this message is really for everyone who supports Chaffinch’s work and, by doing so, supports Boaz’ future.

Child Sponsorship

There are many children at Future Stars who would love a sponsor like Boaz’ to give them a real opportunity to work for a better future. Could you be that special person for one of the vulnerable children of Kibera? Sponsorship costs just over £1 a day and makes a huge difference to the future of a Future Star.
Why not read some more about our sponsorship programme and the children looking for sponsors…



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