On Easter Monday, Boaz sent a ‘Thank You’ message to Sarah, the founder of Chaffinch.

It is through Chaffinch, and the generosity of Chaffinch supporters, that Boaz is able to attend a boarding school to complete his high school education. Education gives a child the best chance to escape a life of extreme poverty, and the outstanding effort that Boaz puts into his schoolwork is sure to reap benefits.

You can read Boaz’ story here, and find out how Chaffinch Child Sponsorship has made a real difference to his life.

Boaz is on track to become one of the real success stories of Future Stars. As an orphan, his prospects were bleak until he was given a home at the centre. With good food, medical care, education, and lots of love, Boaz has the opportunity for a really bright future.

This little video message was filmed on Easter Monday, as Boaz prepares to return to school for the next term.
Chaffinch have been able to pay the fees that will see him through the term, and will also provide all the extras he needs such as toiletries, schoolbooks, and clothing.



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