Future Stars is open 365 days a year to ensure the care and safety of some of Kibera’s most vulnerable children. Sometimes this involves providing extra food or school supplies to non-resident children and perhaps a bed for the night to help in an emergency.
The rescue centre also takes admissions whenever they are needed. Sometimes children in crisis are identified by other charities and agencies. Kibera’s tribal chiefs can also be relied upon to care for their tribe’s children and approach centres like Future Stars to ensure the children’s safety.
On January 4th, 2020, visitors to Future Stars encountered Vionza and heard her story. They approached Chaffinch to ask about the possibility of becoming Vionza’s sponsors. And so it was that, less than a week since arriving at Future Stars, Vionza acquired sponsors. This will guarantee all reasonable costs for her education, healthcare and other needs. For just £1/day, Vionza’s sponsors are making a huge difference in the life of this young girl.
9-year-old Vionza Atieno arrived at Future Stars to find her sanctuary.
Previously, Vionza lived with her mother in Kibera following the death of her father. Sadly, her mother was also unwell and her condition continued to deteriorate.
On January 1st 2020, her mother decided that she was too unwell to continue her life in Kibera and she wanted to return to the village where she has family to care for her.
The tribal chief approached Future Stars to ask if Vionza could become a resident in order that she can continue her education and have everything she needs for a healthy, happy childhood.

Child Sponsorship

There are many children at Future Stars who would love a sponsor like Vionza’s. Could you be that special person who supports a child and ensures their development? Sponsorship costs just over £1 a day and makes a huge difference to the future of one of these vulnerable children.
Why not read some more about our sponsorship programme and the children looking for sponsors…

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