Meet 8-year-old Veronica Arivizah.

Veronica lives with her mother in Kibera. Sadly, her father perished in a road accident in 2012, when Veronica was just 3-years-old. She does not retain any true memories of him. Kenya has one of the highest motoring mortality rates in the world, and you will find that a number of the children using the centre have lost family members in traffic accidents.

Veronica has received a small amount of education over the past few years but her mother struggles to earn enough to send her to school on a regular basis. Therefore, Veronica was invited to join Class 2, at the Future Stars school, following the Easter holiday. We hope she will now enjoy both a consistent education and regular meals.

Veronica has a wonderfully positive attitude to life and you will often hear her singing – something that she enjoys very much.

Child Sponsorship

Veronica would love a sponsor to help her work towards a positive future. Could you be that special person? Sponsorship costs just over £1 a day and makes a huge difference to the future of a vulnerable child. Can you guarantee Veronica her education, healthcare, nutritious meals, and more?
Of course, one of the biggest benefits that child sponsorship offers is to demonstrate to a child that there is someone who cares. For children with tragic backgrounds and unstable relationships, just knowing that someone across the world is thinking of them…that produces the biggest of smiles.

Why not read some more about the Chaffinch Child Sponsorship Programme, or click the button below to join the Chaffinch/Future Stars family as Veronica’s sponsor…

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