Meet Silver David.
Silver is 5 years old. He started school at Future Stars after the Easter holiday 2017 and joined the Baby Class. This is the very beginning of his education and we are so happy that we could provide this opportunity whilst Silver is still very young.

Silver lives with his parents in Kibera. They requested that he join the free school at Future Stars as they were concerned that they would otherwise be unable to access an education for their son. Upon assessing the family, it was found that Silver’s parents had sacrificed much to ensure the health of their son, often going without food for several days to ensure Silver had enough to eat.
Upon joining Future Stars, Silver has begun to take advantage of the feeding programme that will guarantee him adequate meals each day. This will take some of the financial strain away from his parents and allow them to also eat a good diet and consequently grow stronger and have more opportunities to find employment.

Whilst Silver has settled well, he does prefer to be outside, playing with his friends. He is, after all, a 5-year-old boy! The small photograph shows Silver on his very first day of school. He had already joined two of our older girls and was fascinated by their game.

Child Sponsorship

Silver is in need of a sponsor to ensure he has everything he needs for healthy development. Could you be that special person who supports him and helps to provide his access to education, healthcare, adequate nutrition, and plenty of love? Sponsorship costs just over £1 a day and makes a huge difference…

Read more about the Chaffinch Child Sponsorship Programme, or click the button to become Silver’s special sponsor.

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