We recently brought you the stories of two children ‘left behind’ when their mothers found employment as live-in house helps (read more).
It’s not just these service roles that can leave children alone and vulnerable. When a mother or father has to make a choice between employment (putting food on the table) and their own child…well, that’s a decision nobody should have to make.
Future Stars can step in to ease the concerns of parents when separation becomes unavoidable.

Finding employment

Joshua, now 9 years old, lived with his single father, in Kibera. Money was very tight and Joshua’s father was picking up casual work when he could.
Finally, Joshua’s father found a stable job in the construction industry. Unfortunately, this job involves travelling and being away from Kibera for days and weeks at a time.

What happened to Joshua?

Initially, an arrangement was made that a friend and neighbour would care for Joshua during those times when his father was working away. Joshua was attending school at Future Stars, had a safe place to live, and spent time with his father when possible.

Why did Joshua come to Future Stars?

The neighbour who was accommodating Joshua wanted to leave Kibera and travel to a rural village. She was anxious to find a placement for Joshua before leaving, so she brought him to Future Stars. As Joshua was already in school at the centre, his situation was known and, following a case meeting, it was decided that he would come to live at the centre. Of course, he will still maintain contact with his father whenever possible.

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