Meet John Mark

John is 6 years old and joined the free school at Future Stars following the Easter holiday, where he entered the Pre-Unit to begin his education.

John lives with his parents in Kibera. They are both casual workers and often unemployed, in common with around 50% of Kibera’s eligible workforce. This makes it very difficult for the family to afford the basics, and leaves nothing to pay for John’s education.

John may well be one to watch! He is a fantastic runner and dreams of becoming an athlete. You know all those Kenyan long-distance runners you watch in awe during the Olympics? Maybe John will walk (run?) in their footsteps one day. It’s certainly a very healthy objective for a young boy and we look forward to ‘fuelling him up’ with plenty of ugali, rice, beans, and eggs!

Child Sponsorship

John Mark would love a sponsor to guarantee his education and future development. Could you be that special person, giving John a real chance for a positive future for just over £1 a day?
Why not read some more about the Chaffinch Child Sponsorship Programme, or click the button below to join the Chaffinch/Future Stars family today.



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