At midday on September 14th, we received the awful news that 10-year-old Geoffry had been hit by a car. Rapid action by both Chaffinch and the Future Stars staff was vital.
Geoffry is an orphan who has lived at Future Stars for the past four years since his grandmother became unable to care for him.


Whilst walking along Soweto Road, 10-year-old Geoffry was struck by a car. The driver failed to stop despite almost certainly knowing they had hit a child.
Geoffry was rushed to St Mary’s Hospital, by Future Stars staff, where a doctor was able to make an assessment of his condition.
Concerns led to a request for x-rays of Geoffry’s chest and spine and, since he appeared very confused, an urgent CT scan of his head.
Geoffry was experiencing a degree of pain and had clearly sustained some minor injuries. The question was whether any of his injuries were more serious and what treatment may be needed.
As is usually the case when significant costs are expected, the hospital demanded a basic deposit plus some of the scan fees prior to undertaking any tests or treatment.

Test results

The results of the initial tests appeared positive. Neither x-ray showed any broken bones – a particular relief when spinal injuries had been a possibility. Also, despite Geoffry’s continuing confusion, no bleeding was detected around his brain.

Geoffry has sustained minor injuries across his upper body and some more significant oral damage. His incisors have been broken and will require treatment by a dentist. The doctor remains concerned about Geoffry’s ongoing confusion and will need to monitor him closely for further signs of concussion.


Geoffry has been admitted to the children’s ward at the hospital for pain relief and observation. A member of Future Stars staff will remain with him overnight. We should have a further update on his condition in the morning unless there is a significant change during the night.

Please help

Of course, obtaining hospital care for a hit-and-run requires funding. It is sobering to realise that, without support, children like Geoffry could be unable to access urgent care or even basic pain relief.
Chaffinch is committed to ensuring that Geoffry receives the care he needs but we can’t do it without you. Can you spare a little today? Even £1 can make a difference and help Geoffry on the road to recovery.

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