After being hit by a car whilst walking along the road yesterday, Geoffry has spent the night in hospital. Thankfully, his condition has improved and, to a large extent, he seems to have been very lucky.
Geoffrey sitting up on the bed as he prepares to be admitted to hospital


Yesterday morning, 10-year-old Geoffry was involved in a ‘hit-and-run’ as he walked along Soweto Road. He was knocked unconscious and rushed to hospital. You can read the first part of the story here.
Geoffry was admitted to St Mary’s Hospital overnight for observation and pain relief. A member of staff from Future Stars remained with him on the children’s ward.


Geoffry experienced a relatively comfortable night. Thankfully, the back and chest pain he had been experiencing was much reduced, with pain medication. He is also now alert and oriented, which is a huge relief.

Geoffry in his hospital bed, drinking milk with a straw

Doctors’ Rounds

At doctors’ rounds this morning, the doctor was very happy with Geoffry’s progress. Most of his injuries are soft tissue damage, which will heal well.
In regard to his head injury, no worrying signs appeared overnight and so the doctor is happy for Geoffry to continue his recovery at home, under close supervision.
In the photo, you can see Geoffry sitting up in bed this morning, drinking milk with a straw.

Seeing the dentist

The most problematic injuries Geoffry has received are to his teeth, several of which have been broken. A dentist visited Geoffry to assess the damage.
Dental x-rays will be necessary to determine the degree of damage and to formulate a treatment plan. Sadly, the machine at St Mary’s Hospital is currently broken so it wasn’t possible to obtain the x-rays there. Geoffry has, therefore, been referred to another hospital for the x-rays to be taken.

The plan

Geoffry has now been discharged to continue his recovery at home (at Future Stars) with close supervision from staff to allow any worrying symptoms from his head injury to be spotted quickly. Hopefully his concussion is only mild and recovery will be smooth.
Geoffry will be taken for the dental x-rays tomorrow and will then need to return to St Mary’s for treatment by the dentist.

Geoffry in his hospital bed, drinking milk with a straw
Request form for Geoffry's dental x-rays

Appeal for funding

In response to yesterday’s appeal for assistance with Geoffry’s hospital bills, our supporters made a real difference. We were able to cover the costs incurred so far.
However, we still need your help. The x-rays and subsequent dental work are also necessary expenses if Geoffry is to recover well. Currently, he is unable to eat anything but liquids and semi-solid soft foods such as porridge (uji) due to the pain from his broken teeth.
Every £1 makes a different and, as Chaffinch is run 100% by volunteers, you can be sure that your £1 really does help Geoffry.

Hit-and-run hospital bills

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