our values and governance

Chaffinch is a UK charity which focuses on improving the lives of disadvantaged children living in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Our name represents our core philosophy: CHoosing AFrican Futures IN CHildren. The chaffinch bird soars high and free and our hope is to help Kibera’s children take flight and reach new heights in their futures.

We seek to achieve several goals:

  • Create opportunities through sustainable projects;
  • Provide education to every needy child;
  • Improve general nutrition and food security to ensure children live healthy lives;and
  • Support emotional well-being through empathic interaction with the community.

We work tirelessly to offer Kibera’s children hope for the future, a positive outlook on life and the means to better themselves through their own actions. We welcome any and all donations of your time, money or interest in our cause.

Our Mission

Bringing hope, positivity, and empowerment to Kenya’s disadvantaged children.

Chaffinch is run 100% by volunteers so more of your money is used ‘on the ground’ in Kibera

Our Values


of local people to create change in their own community, and the children themselves to build a better future.

Compassion & Empathy

for the community we serve.

Accountability & Transparency

of where donations are distributed.


being quick to respond to events in Kenya and to our supporters’ needs.

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