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Help to guide our work with the children of Kibera

Chaffinch membership is open to all supporters and other interested parties, both individuals and organisations, provided they are aged 18 years or above.

There is no charge to become a member of Chaffinch.

why become a member?

Choose who governs the charity

Members can be involved in decisions about governance, with the ability to:

Vote for Chaffinch trustees;

Nominate others for election to the board of trustees;

Be nominated for election to the board of trustees;

Vote for the charity’s Chairperson and Secretary.

This is your opportunity to decide who the best people are to lead Chaffinch into the future and to make the important decisions about Chaffinch priorities and governance.

Attend the AGM

Members are invited to attend Chaffinch’s Annual General Meeting.

Meet the team.

Vote for trustees and on some issues of governance and policy.

Hear about Chaffinch’s work, achievements, and financial situation.

Ask questions and make suggestions.

The AGM is a great opportunity to get involved, and to learn more about what is happening at Chaffinch as well as the charity’s plans for the future.

Have your voice heard

Members ideas and suggestions will always be acknowledged and valued:

Suggestions for improvement and growth;

New ideas for fundraising;

Identification of potential problems or weak areas;

Thoughts on how supporters would like to be involved.

Members can have skills and experience to offer, or ideas that can improve the way Chaffinch operates and the impact the charity has. This is your chance to speak up.

Ready to become a Chaffinch member?

1. View or download a pdf copy of the Chaffinch Membership Policy, which gives full details of membership provision and your rights as a member. 

2. Complete the form below to apply for individual membership of Chaffinch. If you are interested in corporate membership please send us an email for further information.

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